Map of Sites

Avon has many fine, historic buildings and the Avon Historical Society is proud to manage four sites. The two one-room schoolhouses (School House Number 3 and Pine Grove School House) are owned by the Town of Avon but managed by the Society whereas the Derrin House and Governor’s Horse Guards Barn are both on long-term leases from the state Government. Please view our Sites section of this website to read specific details about each property.

Although these buildings are not currently open to the public for most of the year, we are actively pursuing a strategic long-term plan to restore and reinterpret the buildings. As one would expect, it is expensive to complete extensive building improvements then to curate and display artifacts in a meaningful manner. Any structural work needs to be completed in styles faithful to the era of the original construction wherever possible while still meeting the safety standards expected in contemporary times. Donations are essential for us to continue vital preservation of these sites so the properties may be visited in the near future.

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