Abigail's Adventures

Have you met Abigail, the adventurous fieldmouse who lives under the floorboards at the Pine Grove School House? Perhaps you've heard of her romance with the dashing Seamus? Are you intrigued by the personalities of their four young children, as they grow and begin to have their own adventures in the local Avon area? Named for the features of the night sky, their daughters (Stardust, Moonglow, and Celestial), together with their son, Galaxy, have already endeared themselves to their avid young readers.

Abigail and her family are the original creation of Janet M. Conner, head of the special projects committee for the Avon Historical Society.

Since joining the Society in 2012, Janet has established a reputation for creating content which captures the imagination of elementary school students. Whether it’s through her colorful displays, her habit of wearing period style clothing appropriate to the era she is covering, or sharing this collection of stories with children, it’s a pleasure to engage the imaginations of future historians.

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