Our Mission

THE AVON HISTORICAL SOCIETY MISSION: To identify, collect, utilize, publish, display, promote and preserve the history and heritage of Avon.

"Canal Boat Drawn by Three Horses," created by John Warner Barber between 1820-1829. The Graphics Collection, The Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford (click image to enlarge).

Our Logo

The Society’s logo represents a strong draft horse pulling a laden barge along the 36 foot wide canal. This early vital form of transport carried produce, freight and passengers, linking Avon from Simsbury to New Haven, then ultimately on to Long Island Sound or New York City. The Farmington Canal opened in 1828 but was active for less than 20 years before it was replaced by the railroad. Today the canal routes are filled in, but sections are still open to the public as a series of trails for hiking or cycling.

The original logo was used from 1974 until 2017, when the Society’s website and promotional materials were redesigned for a more contemporary look. The same “saddlebag brown” color was retained, because it is a heritage color that echoes the paint commonly used on tobacco sheds, houses, and barns in the valley.

The original Avon Historical Society logo on the left, and our new, updated logo on the right.