Moments in Avon’s History

An example of one of the twelve banners available.
Twelve, seven-foot banners with topics such as early education, transportation, and more, will be available to circulate individually in business atriums, foyers, town offices and entrance ways—anywhere the public gathers.

Please contact the Society with any questions, or to reserve some banners for your location.


To view a banner, click on a link below. A new window will open to display a high-resolution image, which can be enlarged by clicking on it, so the banner may be read. These are large files; please be patient while they load.

The Avon Historical Society


Avon’s Earliest Churches

An Avon Club: Prince Thomas of Savoy Society

Education in Avon

Avon is Established

Avon’s Farms

The Growth of Avon

Avon Safety Fuse Industry

Avon’s Libraries

A Stop for Stages, Canal Boats & the Railroad

Avon Honors Our Military Veterans