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Avon Historical Society Cow Chip Raffles




The Avon Historical Society thanks everyone for four great years of

Cow Chip Raffle fundraisers!

For four years (2009-2012) the Avon Historical Society held cow chip raffles to benefit the Horse Guard Barn. These "raffles" were really a crowd pleaser as  contestants, "Tallulah," "Clementine" and "Edna Lou" arrived on the scene to dispense their votes on a field in Avon. Sadly the far.m is now closed and the cows are gone.  This fundraiser was not unique, but the way the Society did them was!  Who would ever have three men in tuxedos on a cow field for this event?  Avon is special that way - we take our fundraisers seriously. 

    Avon Historical Society wishes to thank the former Simmons Family Farm for hosting the event, not to mention providing the cows, the Town of Avon for drawing and staking out the field and, of course, Mary Harrop and Sharon Genovese for organizing the event. Thanks to everyone for making this a success year after year!

Tallulah and Clementine pose for the camera

Talullah and Edna Lou with onlookers in the background


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